News report and video of our actions at Eurovision ‘Australia Decides’ on 9 February 2019

Justice for Palestine Brisbane and BDS Australia held a protest event to meet with the fans going in to Eurovision ‘Australia Decides’ to explain why we are calling for a boycott, that “we love Eurovision, but we love human rights more.”

And below is some video footage of a boycott supporter unfurling a banner inside the event at the Gold Coast Convention Centre.

Contact the ‘Australia Decides’ SBS Eurovision artists: Don’t celebrate Israeli Apartheid

SBS Australia and Blink TV have now announced the 10 contestants for the Eurovision – ‘Australia Decides’ – Gold Coast 2019 event happening on February 8 and 9.

We have written to each contestant (see our letter below to Kate Miller-Heidke), but we really need your help to let these musicians know that Palestinians are calling on them to #BoycottEurovision2019 in Israel.

All the artists are on Facebook, 9 have Instagram, and most use Twitter.

Contact details for all of the performers are below. Here’s how to do it best:
1/. If you’re a fan, let them know you love what they do
2/. Be super polite: we want to inform and convince them. Remember, they may not really understand the situation for Palestinians or how they can help, so again, be super polite!
3/. Use your own words, but there are many places to get information, including many links on this page
4/. Tell them about the role international artists played in piling on the pressure with boycotts to end apartheid in South Africa – some of them may not know anything about this
5/. Remind them that Eurovision will happen again in 2020, so sitting out this year for Palestinians’ human rights is not so hard
6/. Ask for a reply
7/. Share what you’re doing on social media so others will also contact them
8/. Use the hashtags #Eurovision2019 #BoycottEurovision2019 #FreePalestine #BoycottIsrael

Alfie Arcuri


Courtney Act

Tania Doko

Electric Fields

Ella Hooper


Kate Miller-Heidke


Mark Vincent

Letter to Kate Miller-Heidke 201812

Boycotting Eurovision: Why Aren’t Progressives Doing More For Palestine?

It’s a great question posed by our BDS Australia committee member Nick Riemer in New Matilda today – Boycotting Eurovision: Why Aren’t Progressives Doing More For Palestine?

“Disapproval of the actions of Israel and sympathy for Palestinians in public opinion is high. But, as every Palestine campaigner here knows, translating agreement into action can often be an uphill battle.”

It really helps if you:
1/ Sign our Boycott Eurovision 2019 SBS petition
2/ Make a donation of any size to support our work
3/ Like our Facebook page
4/ Share these^ links.
5/ Do all of the above!