Don’t buy into HP’s support for Israel’s human rights abuses
If you want to Help Palestinians
Don’t buy HP

Many global companies profit from Israel’s continuing oppression of Palestinians.

HP (formerly Hewlett Packard) has done this for many decades. It produces the biometric ID systems used to track and control Palestinian movement. The IDs produced using HP technology are similar in nature to the passbooks produced by Polaroid during the Apartheid era and used by the Apartheid government to control the movement of Black South Africans.

HP products are everywhere.

So if you want to Help Palestinians:

Don’t buy HP laptops – Don’t buy HP printers – Don’t buy HP ink cartridges

And spread the word that…

1. HP manages the Israeli government’s population registry and ID systems, used to segregate and control the movement of Palestinian citizens and residents and support Israel’s apartheid policies.

2. HP provides key technology that’s used in the hundreds of Israeli checkpoints throughout the occupied West Bank that stop free movement for millions of people every day of their lives.

3. HP runs the Israeli navy’s information technology infrastructure, and has supplied all PCs to the Israeli military since 2009. It facilitates the Israeli navy’s 11 year blockade of Gaza.

4. HP provided a computerised storage system to the illegal settlement Ariel, while one of HP’s major distributors works out of Modi’in Illit, the largest Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank. Settlements are recognised as illegal and as a major impediment to peace by all countries except Israel.

We call on HP (HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise) to cancel all contracts that supply the Israeli state with the means — technology, equipment, and expertise — to violate the basic human rights of Palestinians and break international law.

Social justice groups around the world have been trying for years to discuss these issues with HP, but we have been unsuccessful in getting their attention.


Contact us at BDS Australia for Boycott HP stickers.